Artist’s Statement 2018

Nicolette Toussaint is a painterly realist who works in oils, watercolor and drawing media. A Colorado native, Toussaint’s frequent subjects include wildlife and Rocky Mountain scenes.

She finds inspiration in sunshine, shadow and color: an unexpected swirl of light amid wetly shadowed stones, the backlit fur of a stag in the woods. Her works catch moments of live intensity: the spark in the eye of a wild cougar, the delicacy of ptarmigans in midwinter. She explores opposite in image and meaning, contrasting that which is timeless with the ephemeral: a drop of moisture on a rose petal, a mountain that will stand sentinel eons after the abandoned hay wagon at its foot has decayed to dust and rust.

Toussaint is developing a series of oils called “Elegy for the Anthropocene.” That term refers to the geologic epoch during which human activities started to significantly impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems. Many of these paintings chronicle Colorado animals and landscapes that are in peril.