I create both human portraits and pet portraits, and I’m happy to do so on commission. Either can be done from a photo, not necessarily a good one, or as a combination of more than one photo.

I am happy to execute portraits in either watercolor or oils. (For pet portraits, watercolor portraits run around $200; oils run around $300.) For human portraits, I will provide a price quote.

Portrait of Mason Ingram. Watercolor, done from a live sitting.



Pet Portrait: Riley. This is a watercolor, 14″ by 19″, and was done from a photo. (Not a very good photo in terms of background and color, but a painting can improve on the photo.) This is a commissioned work; I create pet portraits this size for around $200.

Click this link to see the photo used for this portrait.

Sisters, a 2005 watercolor portrait. This commissioned work was done from a black and white photograph.

 Watercolor portrait of my Japanese bobtail cat Tabi. Done from an