Joan Engler

 Joan Engler enjoys painting so much that It has become a lifetime pursuit for her.

She says, “I work in watercolor now. I was an oil painter and pastelist earlier in my painting career.”

“I will often be stimulated by an insightful teacher or see a wonderfully-rendered painting that will dictate current subject matter and technique changes.  I like this ebb and flow of stimulation and action.”

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“Being drawn to nature, I often paint the landscape as it offers
such beauty and peace.  I have to dig deep into myself to do
justice to the beauty of the earth.  When I accomplish this, I am thrilled.”

“Painting animals is a joy for me and I do this often.”

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“I have had the opportunity to study with several artists in the past 40 years and have taken precious morsels from each of them to add to my expression of painting. I was selected to be the first “artist in residence” for the Wilderness Workshop. My numerous awards have encouraged me to go forward.”

“Presently, I  paint weekly with a group called “Alaprima” located in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado.  We meet one day per week for painting and great conversation and support.”

For information about purchasing artwork, email Joan Engler.